2024 MotoSurf Pre-order

PRE-ORDER & RECEIVE $1000 in free gear!

Are you ready to surf into the next generation of water sports? We’re thrilled to introduce a revolutionary new board that promises to make waves in the industry, and we’re calling upon enthusiasts like you to join us on this exciting adventure!

Upon your submission of the registration request, your name will be secured for a new production board and the discounted Pioneer Package set out below for a total purchase price of $13,250 USD + $499 shipping.  

2024 MotoSurf boards are expected to be available for delivery starting March, 2024. 

MotoSurf Pioneer Pre-Order Package Includes:

  • 2024 MotoSurf Phase 3 Board
  • Battery (Samsung 40T) + Charger 
  • MotoSurf Premium Board Travel Bag 
  • MotoSurf Travel/Beach Wheels Kit 
  • MotoSurf Oversized Beach Towel
  • Carbon Fiber Board Stand + Seat Pad
  • MotoSurf Premium Fitted Board Cover
  • MotoSurf Classic Hat

2024 MotoSurf Board Registration

Enter your contact information below. You will be notified first when the 2024 MotoSurf boards are available for purchase. We do not sell your information and will ONLY send you updates regarding MotoSurf.

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