About Motosurf

Ride the Wave of surfing Innovation

The MotoSurf brand is a lifestyle vision that has always been ahead of its time. Utilizing the most innovative engineering, materials, and patented designs, MotoSurf Electric Surfboards bring an entirely new recreational watersport to life.

MotoSurf is complete surfing freedom!!

Motorized Surfing is best described as:
Surfing without waves
Snowboarding without a mountain
Kiteboarding without the wind
Wakeboarding without a boat

Since you are in control of the power, you can surf virtually anywhere you want at any speed you want…

MotoSurf boards offer remarkable portability, eliminating the need for a trailer to haul your gear around. Measuring just 5’7″ in length and weighing as little as 70 pounds (including the battery), you can easily transport your MotoSurf board in your car, truck, RV, or boat. Additionally, MotoSurf boards are fully electric, ensuring they are locally eco-friendly. This means NO petrol emissions or noise pollution disturbing the tranquility of our beautiful lakes and beaches. Your neighbors (and the wildlife) will thank you for this feature!!

MotoSurf eliminates any need for a boat, mountain, wind, or waves to get your fix…

MotoSurf puts YOU in control!

MotoSurf’s innovation priorities include:

  • Providing Adrenaline, Fun, and Excitement to our customers!
  • Achieving the highest possible reliability and quality
  • Utilizing the lightest weight metals and composites
  • Achieving the longest possible ride times
  • Delivering the industry’s leading value proposition