MotoSurf Creates the Shaftless Impeller and Propulsion System

First off, what is a shaftless impeller system?

A shaftless propulsion system typically refers to a type of marine propulsion system that doesn’t use a traditional shaft connecting the engine to the propeller. In conventional systems, a shaft extends from the engine to the propeller, transferring power to drive the boat forward. However, in a shaftless propulsion system, alternative technologies are employed to achieve propulsion without a direct mechanical connection.

One example of a shaftless propulsion system is the use of pod propulsion. Pod propulsion systems involve placing the propulsion unit (pod) outside the hull of the vessel, usually beneath it. These pods contain an electric motor or other propulsion mechanisms and can rotate, providing both propulsion and steering without the need for a shaft.

These systems offer advantages such as increased maneuverability, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced noise and vibration compared to traditional shaft-driven propulsion systems. They are commonly used in modern ships and boats for various applications, including cruise ships, ferries, and some naval vessels.


MotoSurf® has revolutionized the maritime industry with its innovative shaftless impeller propulsion system. The company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of marine engineering led to the development of a propulsion system that eliminates the traditional shaft, introducing enhanced efficiency and maneuverability. MotoSurf’s® shaftless impeller technology is at the forefront of marine propulsion, offering a seamless and powerful solution that caters to the evolving needs of the maritime world.

At the heart of MotoSurf’s® breakthrough lies a propulsion system that utilizes advanced impeller technology, providing a more agile and responsive experience on the water. By removing the conventional shaft, MotoSurf® has not only improved the overall performance of marine vessels but has also significantly reduced noise and vibration levels. This pioneering approach positions MotoSurf® as a leader in the industry, catering to the demands of modern maritime enthusiasts and professionals alike, seeking a superior and sustainable alternative in marine propulsion.